Hello. I’m Jaymis.

jaymis-7bit-stageI’m a video director and creative technology ubergeek based in Brisbane, Australia.
I like to grab technology in one hand, art in the other, and then smoosh them together until they hug. My default interaction with the world is “How can I use technology to make this more awesome?”
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Showreel Information and Shot List.

Featured Project: Brisbane Powerhouse - Discover Brisbane Powerhouse: TV Advertisement

I've been filming various events and promos with Brisbane Powerhouse for much of 2015, all the while colluding with them to combine the huge breadth of footage I was capturing into a TV ad which showcases the Powerhouse as a whole.

We dubbed this project the Destination Trailer. It's part of their Discover Brisbane Powerhouse campaign, which launched in November 2015.

The piece distilled months of filming into precisely 20 seconds, because Television. To include some more awesome stuff we've also produced an extended "Director's Cut" for web.Read more

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