my iTunes library and me

Aah iTunes, why you gotta make me mad like this baby, you make me do these things.

I’m currently in the middle of switching my primary media player from winamp to itunes. Yes, I am fully aware that iTunes is a hunk of crap, but there’s this whole ipod-functionality thing which I just can’t ignore, and winamp is soooooooo not very good with syncing ratings and playcounts.

So I’m now in the middle of moving files, retagging, and getting stupid iTunes to relocate the files I’ve moved or renamed. Why oh why couldn’t apple include some kind of auto-search function.

Apparently fixtunes will be able to help me, but I don’t really want to pay money for something which should be a basic human right.

Thumb out of bum Apple, please. Yes, I know it feels good, and I know that your bum is full of money, but you’re fucking with people’s lives here.

/edit: And is seems that I was wrong. Fixtunes doesn’t help with the library, once the files are retagged I’d still need to reimport them into the library, wiping all of my wonderful ratings and playcounts. Not good enough.
Does anyone know of a script or program for windows that will fix up my itunes media library? Find the moved or deleted files? Get rid of duplicates? This is driving me nuts.

edit 2: It seems that the winamp iPod plugin has been updated to a much more acceptable level.. Has all of my iTunes library tweaking been for naught? Possibly.

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