Plastic you can mold in your home for DIY projects

MAKE has a post on Shapelock AKA Friendly Plastic, AKA Polymorph. Only problem: I don’t know where to get it in Australia. “Friendly Plastic” is available in Aus, but only as small, extremely expensive sheets. I’d love to be able to find it in pellet form.

Update: A solution has been found, and it’s at Jaycar.

2 thoughts on “Plastic you can mold in your home for DIY projects”

  1. 6 years later… we’re now selling Polycaprolactone in Australia under the brand name Plastimake. We well in pellet form, in small and large quantities, with cheap Australian postage.

    Check out our site, we’re posting new example uses every day:

    Hope this helps!

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