Arundel – The Boat Song: Music Video

Arundel – The Boat Song: Music Video

A dark, hot room filled with smoke and lasers. Who doesn’t want that in their life? Lighting is all controlled via my audio-reactive lighting system, each light pulse is directly controlled by the sound of the instruments and vocals.

Directed, Shot, Edited, Laser and Lighting Programmed by Jaymis
Filmed at Regent Station
Camera gear courtesy of Graetzmedia

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  1. Lettore · martedì, 22 gennaio 2013, 9:58 amMa è vero che Ombretta Colli voterà Grillo?Certo che lo farà! Una volta che ne avesse azzeccata una…Non ho mai capito come che il grandissmo Gaber abbia potuto per tanto tempo sopportare un’oca come quella.

  2. Goodness, that’s a lot, but I’m guessing that you’ll get most of that done anyway, but probably all of it if it is a little cooler, so…if you want, send down that hot weather to me -I’d be happy to be warm for a while -(remind me of this comment when I’m complaining about my summer) cos my tootsies are frozen and its cold, wet and windy outside and SHOULD be warmer!Pauline´s last post:

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