Jaymis Bio PortraitHi, I’m Jaymis. A person who lives in Brisbane, Australia. I really like technology, and spend lots of time finding creative uses for it. I’m a Visualist, co-creator of the wildly popular and intensely amazing Create Digital Motion: a website for people who also like to use moving images in creative ways.

Since I started using the word “visualist” in my writings and conversations to describe what I’m doing, many of the people who used to call themselves “VJs” are now referring to themselves as “visualists”, so I feel a bit cool about that.

When not being all the visualist I can be, I run the Oxygen Kiosk, a boutique web design agency with branches in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, and clients around the world.

If this isn’t enough excitement for you, then you may be able to increase your pulse rate further at some of the following locations:

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