Cowper – Morning Prayer: Music Video

I’m really proud of this one.

Both video and audio for this clip were recorded in a single session at the flood-destroyed Graetzmedia studios in West End, Queensland, Australia.

To achieve a perfect focus pull over the 4-minute staring contest, I modified the camBLOCK moco system to control a follow focus whip. This clip was the first shoot to utilise this technique. Several months later, camBLOCK shipped their official focus/zoom motors.

There is no trickery in the single-shot nature of this piece. Cowper really can keep his eyes open for that long. In the dozen or so takes we shot, I think he blinked in two of them.

You can download the song for free from:

Technical Details:

Shot with Red One MX, on a CamBLOCK Pan/Tilt/Dolly motion control rig, which was customized by Jaymis to pull focus as well.

Blog post from Rowley:

Music by Cowper

Video by Jaymis
Color and gear by Daniel Graetz

Music produced by Matthew Redlich.

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