Stan Walker – Light It Up: Music Video

The record label contacted Graetzmedia director Dan wanting “lights and pyro” but only had budget to cover a single flame canon.

So I  got to work designing, inventing and fabricating on 3 different setups:

Audio-controlled lighting: With the song stems controlling stage lights.

Flame Tubes: My versions of the classic “Reubens Tube” science experiment, with audio controlling 6 separate channels of propane-tubes.

Sparkler Cannons: To enable model rocket igniters to trigger the difficult-to-burn sparklers, I had to come up with my own mixture of gunpowder.


Director: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
Concept: Dan Graetz & Jaymis Loveday
Special Effects Artist: Jaymis Loveday
Lighting Director: Jen Dainer
Editor & Colorist: Dan Graetz
Camera operators: Benjamin Evans & Tristan Houghton
1st camera assist: Dan Maddock
2nd AC/Data wrangler: Dan Rice
Playback operators: Jaymis Loveday & Matt Nyhuis
Gaffer: Luc Cartillier
Gaffer assist: Qiu Yang
Grip: Chris Driutti
Grip assist: Matthew Mason
Special Effects Assistant: Martin Smith
Unit Manager: Rachel Liebeschmidt
Behind the scenes camera: Brian Loewe & Jay Topping

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