7bit Hero – Come On. Stand Out: Music Video

I’m the visualist/networking/game-master member of bitpop band 7bit Hero. When introducing¬†our weird hybrid gaming/live music project to people, we had trouble explaining how it all works. The band actually¬†wants people to be messing with their phones at our shows?

Perhaps a music video might get the concept across, with BEEEEZ!!!

Written by: Hans van Vliet and Jaymis Loveday
Directed, DoP and Edited by: Jaymis Loveday

Visual Effects, Animation, Compositing and Grading | IV Motion
IV Motion are Hans van Vliet, Zac Bavas and Peter Foley
VFX Supervisor | Peter Foley

Additional Animation | Alex Stewart, Ivan von Christ and Will
Additional Tracking and Compositing | Jaymis Loveday, Ryan Grzesiak

App design | IV Motion
App Programming | Daniel Krenn
Additional Programming | Adam Single

1st Assistant Camera | Brian Loewe
Grip/BTS Camera | George Chan
BTS Camera | Rachel Liebeschmidt
Additional Lighting and Splice Delivery | Jen Dainer
Set Manager, Catering and Makeup | Danielle van Vliet
Gear | Graetzmedia

Band : Hans van Vliet, Phil Evans and Richie Young
Heroes: Daniel Krenn, Jen Boyce, Emma Evans and Pete Foley.
Bees: BEEZ!

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