Little Scout – March Over To Me: Music Video

After designing and 3D-printing modifications to convert our 3-axis camBLOCK motion control system into a monster 5-axis crane rig, I needed a project to test out the system. Fortunately my buddies Little Scout were about to release their new single, and the aesthetic perfectly fit the multi-pass, audio-reactive ideas in my head.

Motion control gave me some delightfully crane-y multi-pass camera moves, and audio reactive lighting made the band members magically appear only when their instruments made noise.

This clip won Gold in the Music Videos category at the Australian Cinematography Society’s 2013 Queensland awards.

Director: Jaymis Loveday –

Gaffer/Camera Assistant: Brian Loewe
Editor/Motion Control/Audio-reactive Lighting System: Jaymis Loveday
Audio-reactive Lighting Operation: Rowley Cowper
Venue Lighting: Tim Cummings from Brisbane Powerhouse
Unit Manager: Rachel Liebeschmidt
Work Experience: Luke Constable
Film Gear by: Graetzmedia



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