Ball Park Music – Groovin The Moo Tour 2015: Live Show Visuals

I got together with Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack to put together live visuals for their 2015 run of Groovin The Moo shows. Ranging from infinitely scrolling backdrops taken from album cover collages, to disembodied 3D scans of the band members’ heads shooting eye lasers.

Oh, and dancing models of the band with the then Australian Prime Minister, in speedos, up a pole. You’re welcome.

The kids seemed to quite enjoy the show:

Reminiscing Groovin' the Moo. #ballparkmusic #gtm #oakbank #faves @waller2

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@ballparkmusic doing something special at @groovinthemoo Canberra. #GTM2015 #gtmcanberra #ballparkmusic

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