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Ball Park Music – Whipping Boy: Music Video created in Tilt Brush/Virtual Reality

After completing the Nihilist Party Album video, the Ball Park guys spent a couple of hours trying my Vive VR rig, and they were quickly on board with the idea that their next video should be produced in VR. Sam is heavily involved in the creation of artwork and visuals for the band, illustrating and collaging most of their album releases (and also the No Great Mystery piece for his side project My Own Pet Radio), so it a pretty natural progression to Google’s virtual reality Tilt Brush 3D drawing app, and a fully illustrated video.

If you have access to a Vive and a copy of Tilt Brush, it’s possible to step inside and walk around the artwork! This gives a really intimate perspective, as the drawing is tied to Sam’s body size (and Dean’s, as he was physically “traced” for the body/volcano).
Download the .Tilt project here [4.75mb dropbox link], put the song on repeat, and enable “audio reactive” brushes for best effect!

Update 2016-08-17: Over the last couple of days this piece has really caught fire in the VR community. One of the creators of Tilt Brush confirmed that it’s the first music video produced with the software, I was interviewed by UploadVR, and GoogleVR posted the piece!
I’ve been emailing the Tilt Brush guys with details about the production, and Valve have sent me some additional Vive controllers for experimentation, so it’s been a pretty exciting couple of days!

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[…] Jaymis Loveday worked with the Australian band Ball Park Music to create the experimental project for their song Whipping Boy. The album the song is from, Every Night The Same Dream, is available for pre-order now, but if you want to experience the song in VR you should be able to download the world (4.75 MB .tilt file), open it with Tilt Brush, hit play on the above video and then put on the headset. You’ll need the latest version of Tilt Brush with audio-reactive brushes. […]

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