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Cinema Swarm – Autonomous Subject Tracking Robotic Camera System

I’ve been working on my Vive-tracking robotic cameras for just over a year now, and I’m falling over with excitement to announce that they’re now autonomous enough to have their own name:

Cinema Swarm

For the first public outing of the multi-camera system, we filmed 24 bands in 2 days.

To be in Brisbane’s best music venue, surrounded by hugely talented people, and have this crazy thing working, moving, tracking, and capturing footage exactly how I’d hoped it would when I first designed it inside my brain. That was a pretty special time.

Unity programming by: Visitor.Vision
Produced by: Lincoln Savage
Lighting by: Caleb Donovan at BCL
Live audio recording by: Twisted Pair Productions
Audio mix/mastering by: Yanto Browning
The Qube Effect project funded by: Brisbane City Council

My brain is a little broken now, so I’m going to take a break, and let the final videos speak for themselves:

Full list of videos on the Brisbane City Council youtube channel.




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