A picture of JaymisHello. I’m Jaymis, a video director and creative technology ubergeek based in Brisbane, Australia.

I like to grab technology in one hand, art in the other, and then smoosh them together until they hug. My default interaction with the world is “How can I use technology to make this more awesome?”

I create video-related things, like music videos, advertising, and corporate videos. I also perform visuals live in bands like 7bit Hero and Nonsemble.

I’m a general-specialist, with a voracious appetite for new ideas, tools and techniques. I’ve been called a “mad scientist” and “ninja-savant”. My main superpower is in bringing disparate aspects of technology together to come up with the ideas that nobody else saw.

I don’t really have a barrier between “interests” and “work,” so the things that my brain finds exciting – electronics, 3D printing, music, computer gaming, lighting, programming, animation, performance, cooking, explosions, robots – invariably become part of the things I make. Often concurrently.

Now you know some things about me, you should check out some of my projects, or become my internet friendpal.