Flexi-HAL grblHAL Controller Package

AUD$175.00 (inc. 10% GST in AU)

Flexi-HAL board and 2x RJ45 breakout boards:

  • Sensor breakout (X, Y, Z, Y2/A, Probe, Limit. 12-24v powered)
  • Button breakout (Halt, Hold, Cycle/Start. 12-24v power for LED illuminated external buttons)

Compatible with the truly excellent Jog2K Keypad Pendant.

Seriously, if you don’t know about the Jog2K, have a look at the PrintNC Wiki page. I’ve had many customers come back to order one after receiving their Flexi-HAL or GRBLHAL2000 board. I think it’s the best bang-for-buck quality of life improvement to a grblHAL machine.

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Flexi-HAL – successor to the GRBLHAL2000 by Expatria Technologies. Check out the full specs on their github.

The key features of the Flexi-HAL:

  • 5 Axis of isolated step/dir motor control featuring high-speed digital isolators and differential signal drivers for maximum signal integrity and step rates.
  • Integrated support for 3 wire inductive type powered switches.
  • Onboard 5V power regulator.
  • Integrated RS485 with automatic direction control.
  • Support for closed loop stepper motors and servos with alarm feedback.
  • Differential interface for a spindle encoder input that can be utilized by GRBLHAL and LinuxCNC.
  • Real-time control port for remote handwheels and pendants.
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO connector allows integration of sender software and allows the board to host a full LinuxCNC installation.
  • 10V or 5V spindle control including PWM output via selectable jumpers.
  • 3 wire (powered) connections for standard CNC buttons on a breakout RJ45 connector that utilizes components compatible with the PrintNC EST project.
  • XYZA limit switches and probe/toolsetter on breakout RJ45 connector.
  • Flood/Mist/Spindle relay drivers.
  • Additional auxilliary inputs and relay driver outputs.
  • All machine facing IO is galvanically isolated from the MCU and user interfaces.

Package Includes:

  • Sensor Breakout board – 4 limit sensors, Probe, Tool Setter (12-24v powered)
  • Button Breakout board – Start, Hold, and Estop buttons, and space for Door sensor (12-24v powered for external LED illuminated buttons)
  • 23 screw terminal plugs (1x 4 pin, 12x 3 pin, 10x 2 pin)
  • 5 IDC connectors
  • 4 jumpers
  • 2.4m 8 conductor ribbon cable

Compatible with the Jog2K Pendant and RGB accessory board.

For more information about the Flexi-HAL, check the Expatria Technologies Github