GRBLHAL2000 EST grblHAL Controller Package

GRBLHAL2000 Board + Sensor and Button breakouts.



The full package to run a grblHAL based CNC machine like it’s 2022.

  • GRBLHAL2000 EST Revision controller board
  • Sensor Breakout board – X/Y/Z limit sensors, Probe, Tool Setter
  • Button Breakout board – Start, Hold, and Estop buttons


  • Teensy 4.1 soldered and flashed with grblHAL
  • 15 screw terminal plugs (10x 3 pin, 5x 2 pin)
  • 6 IDC connectors
  • 2 jumpers
  • 3m 8 conductor ribbon cable

Compatible with the Jog2K Pendant and RGB accessory board.

For more information about the GRBLHAL2000, check the PrintNC wiki or Expatria Technologies Github