2016: VR and Mixed Reality

I’ve been spending most of 2016 developing new tools and techniques for VR and especially Mixed Reality filming. That stuff hasn’t found its way into an updated showreel yet, so here are some highlights so far:

Nawlz is the newest thing, and a deceptively dense piece. It combines a number of mixed-reality techniques I’ve been developing for months: VR timelapse, VR Automatic Camera Tracker in both timelapse and realtime modes, in-app greenscreen and some other secret spices, wrapped around SUTU’s extraordinary Tilt Brush artwork.

These rough demo videos have had some wonderful support from the VR & tech community, with posts on some fantastic websites including Upload VR, The Creators Project, the official Arduino blog, and ongoing twitter/instagram love.

For more mixed-reality there’s some background/tech information in my blog post, and unsurprisingly most of my recent Vimeo videos are VR related.

I’ve been collaborating with Australian indie pop legends Ball Park Music for many years. For their fourth album music videos we decided to go Full Experimental, creating a 7 minute psychedelic animated journey for Pariah, a nihilist-meme-fest for Nihilist Party Anthem, and then Whipping Boy the crowning, VR-painted glory.

Created and filmed in VR painting app Tilt Brush, it was hailed as the first by Google VR:

… and has been covered by Upload VR, Fast Company, Triple J, and was featured in a “Music Video VR” episode of Hack – Australia’s national youth news show on Triple J.

Showreel 2015

“Showreel 2011-2015” would probably be a little more accurate. I think twice-a-decade is the optimal showreel frequency, no?

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