He’s your little dead buddy who sticks to walls

Yesterday something very traumatic happened in my office. Something so traumatic that only now am I able to write about it.

I was sitting in my air conditioned comfort when the air conditioner emitted a horrible CHUNKing sound, and the fan faltered. I looked up to see a gecko, tailless and hanging down from the edge of the air conditioner by its back feet. It didn’t look happy.

I eventually got him down onto some paper to be greeted by a rather grisly sight. A sight I don’t want to recount here but suffice to say that this gecko was going to die a slow and painful death. Geckos are some of my favourite little critters in the whole world. The air conditionier mangled the hell out of a poor little gecko.

The air conditioner must die!

Of course I couldn’t destroy the air conditioner in an act of firey and righteous retribution. Summer is coming and I really need that cold air. We have lots of geckos, and they’re always doing silly stuff like getting electrocuted in light sockets. This is the first time I’ve had to finish one of them off though, and it left me feeling wretched all afternoon.

I haven’t had to euthanise anything this morning, so that’s a bit promising, and now I’ve got a milo thickshake so everything is happy.

I mentioned last week that Harvey Danger’s new album “Little by Little” has been released for full, free download.

I’m really enjoying the track “little round mirrors”, but the album is a very solid offering throughout. Go download it if you like music.

In other news: Took the Rach to Tripod again on the weekend at the Sit Down Comedy Club. Twas fantastic as usual. Rach enjoyed this show much more than Tripod are Self Saucing. My cheek-cramps told me that both were equally enjoyable. Plenty of older material as well at this show, although not super old. They still haven’t ever played “Shandy Too Far” or “Ikea” at any live shows I’ve seen. So very sad. I need a better recording or “Lingering Dad” as well.


Thalia Downbeat Set

This is a mixed set I put together for my Thalia VJ gigs, described in part here.
Download: jaymis – thalia downbeat set.mp3. 92MB 192kbit MP3. 67 minutes.

  • Air – La Femme D’argent
  • Jamiroquai – Didjital Vibrations
  • Mr Scruff – Midnight Feast
  • Musiq for Pleasure – Monkeyforest Road
  • Moby – Rushing
  • Zero 7 – Red dust
  • Mux – Northern lights
  • mum – Green grass of tunnel
  • St Germain – Land of…
  • Full Fathom Five – Perfect Landing
  • Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuit
  • Underworld – m.e.
  • Huff and Herb – Feelin Good (radio edit)
  • Musiq for Pleasure – Tongue Catching Lizard
  • Mylo – Valley of the Dolls
  • The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds
  • Royksopp – Eple

Orisinal – Cute game award

Orisinal – Cute game award for the week goes to “Chicken Wings (are not for frying)”

Go! Save the stubborn little chickens!

Time for bed. Pretty drunk

Time for bed. Pretty drunk at the moment. Band played this afternoon. I bought 3 beers before I was informed that we had a bar tab to drink, so by the time we left The Alley I was ferked.
Ended up at Toowong with Al haggling with the lady at Oz Sushi. We ended up getting as much as we could eat for $10 each, which the band paid for. Yum.

So now I am full of sushi and drunk. Think it’s bed-o-clock.

Still haven’t done washing

Still haven’t done washing

From: Jeff Sweet Subject: Blog

From: Jeff Sweet Subject: Blog
I am trying to cancel a three day trial to a web site. Supabill or does not get me there. Thats the site they said to go to can you help


I have a note attached

I have a note attached to my monitor at home, it reads:

Repeat after me, “I will not touch this fucking computer until I’ve done my fucking washing”

I wonder if it’ll work.

… At work at the moment. Feeling pretty well considering that Lydia and I went out to the Wickham at 12 last night to take Phil’s apartment keys back to him. We grabbed some drinks and promptly got picked up by a woman who decided that what we needed most in the world was Cosmopolitans. I’ve been to the Wick so many times, but never up to the DepartureLounge (cocktail bar), so we dropped $30 and adjourned to the balcony with our cocktails.

The woman’s name turned out to be Nat, and she was kitted out in great jeans and a funky mambo tank top with patches. I originally thought she was trying to pick up Lydia, but it turned out that her husband was around, so I quickly stopped thinking that she was a lesbian. Nat is a hairdresser who works at Park Rd when she’s not looking after her 2 year old child.

After ditching Nat and the little coterie that formed around her while we were talking we went for a groove which lasted about 2 songs until the Cosmopolitan really hit Lydia, and we left. By the time we got home she was slurring, giggling, and talking with a lisp.

I’m feeling surprisingly well considering the smallish amount of sleep I’ve had, and now it’s time for KFC.

THINK – not that what

THINK – not that what this crackhead is doing can really be referred to as thinking; more dribbling, but I really like his diagram.

Bleugh, feeling extremely hungry now.

Bleugh, feeling extremely hungry now. Not that I should be after the curry-fest of last night, but I am. Danny and I kicked the ass last night, currys were gooood. Jum was drunk (hence anal polyps thing), and I had a lovely little siesta between the cookfest in the afternoon and the eatfest in the evening. Walking to the station with Jum and Krissy was a blast (as always) and being on the train while wearing Danny’s Himalayan coat thingy while carrying my yellow cast iron curry pot on my head produced some interesting looks from innocent bystanders.

anal polyps are a risk

anal polyps are a risk factor for cancer. Think of anal polyps of kinda like little anal pimples. They can be found, frequently in the colon, in the early stages of life. In most cases these do not progress to end stage cancer, however, disorders exsist where polypolypuria occurs, resulting in the infestation of the early colon and middle to late large intestine with polyps. the vast numbers of polyps in this disordder demand that cancer is resultant, hence a colonectomy is advised. = no more ass = crap in portable bag = me sad

thanks for that one Jum
No, I didn’t write that, it was Jum