The Case of the Exploding

The Case of the Exploding Curry:
Danny is currently cleaning up a kitchen that ten minutes ago was liberally coated with lovingly crafted curry sauce and chunks of lamb. We’ve been making thius little gem for about 2 hours – nowhere near the length of our 5 hour curry marathon I know – and it was nearing fruition when disaster struck. A freak gust of wind sent the lid of the stove (a large glass cover-thing, I have no idea what it’s there for – $2000ish gas stove, go figure) crashing down, knocking our cauldron of curry onto the floor. The resulting crash scared the shit out or me and sent sauce flying to the furthest reaches of the kitchen. I mean everywhere; roof, fridge, recipe books, walls, inside cupboards… Aargh! It may well have destroyed a cloth covered seat.

It’s ok. We managed to salvage most of it off the floor, nobody tell Adam, Jum or Hugh about this, ok?

Punky: cool… so ur computer

Punky: cool… so ur computer is quite close to ur kitchen?

Jaymis: Heh, my everything is close to my everything. I’m living in a studio, which is architect speak for “oops, there was a mouse infestation and they hollowed out the space in between those two walls, think we can make another apartment?”