Lighting/Audio Reactive Music Video Projects

Tara Simmons – Weekend of Hearts: Music Video

The first public use of the audio-reactive lighting system I developed for Ableton Live. The lighting of this clip was controlled entirely via the sounds of the music. The individual audio “stems” – vocals, synths, kick drum, snare etc. – were routed to different lighting channels to create a perfectly synced yet organic looking lighting show.

Directed, Shot, Edited and Lighting Programmed by Jaymis:

Motion Control Projects Timelapse/Slow Motion

Ball Park Music – Surrender: Music Video

As soon as my producer friend Matt Redlich moved his recording studio into the spectacularly beautiful wooden building he dubbed Grandma’s Place, I wanted to film a music video there. Matt had just finished recording Ball Park Music’s new album, so I organised a meeting between the band and the Graetzmedia crew to see what would come.

The challenge: Reinvigorate an old-style “random stuff happening in various places” music video concept with some next-level VFX and motion control.

In collaboration with director Dan Graetz, I did a bunch of science, taught the Motion Control robot to pull perfect Hitchcock Zooms time after time, shot some crazy multi-pass performance shots to create virtual choirs, and came up with a plant-growing timelapse/realtime “seed charmer” shot which blows minds on the reg.


Paranoid Android, played on Ukulele, while sitting on the toilet

Just in case anyone missed Ben Stewart’s gig at Ric’s on the weekend. He uploaded a video of himself playing Paranoid Android, on Ukulele, on The Toilet.

The Awesomeness is strong with this one. Lovely fast intimate production. The shower scene is particularly excellent.


New Video Release: Edward Guglielmino – Fail With Me

I’ve just released Fail With Me, the latest of many works I’ll be producing for Edward Guglielmino‘s album Late At Night.

This joins several other videos I’ve produced recently for Ed:
Lion In Your Bed (Live)
Fail With Me (Live)
No Body Is Perfect (Live)
Caught In A Landslide (Live, Bridge Sessions)
Late At Night (Live, Bridge Sessions)

I’ve also posted on Create Digital Motion about the philosophy and techniques behind the production of this video.

Now I’m off to have lunch with Ed and plan for our next escapade.

Animation/Post-Production Music Video Projects

Edward Guglielmino – Fail With Me: Music Video

Long-time collaborator Edward Guglielmino. Failing over and over. A beautiful desaturated mandala of fail.


Thalia Downbeat Set

This is a mixed set I put together for my Thalia VJ gigs, described in part here.
Download: jaymis – thalia downbeat set.mp3. 92MB 192kbit MP3. 67 minutes.

  • Air – La Femme D’argent
  • Jamiroquai – Didjital Vibrations
  • Mr Scruff – Midnight Feast
  • Musiq for Pleasure – Monkeyforest Road
  • Moby – Rushing
  • Zero 7 – Red dust
  • Mux – Northern lights
  • mum – Green grass of tunnel
  • St Germain – Land of…
  • Full Fathom Five – Perfect Landing
  • Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuit
  • Underworld – m.e.
  • Huff and Herb – Feelin Good (radio edit)
  • Musiq for Pleasure – Tongue Catching Lizard
  • Mylo – Valley of the Dolls
  • The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds
  • Royksopp – Eple